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MBA Hoops Elite Looking to Make Some Noise this Spring

The MBA Hoops Elite program returns to the Adidas circuit this season after a couple of years away and they are positioned to be one of the more exciting teams on the Adidas Grassroots circuit as they have a talented roster with a mix of younger and older players who should demand attention.
MBA director/head coach Omhar Carter has never had any reservations about throwing young studs into the fire and this year is no different as he will build this year's squad around 2016 stud Mario Kegler. Carter is counting on the 6'6" wing to have a breakout spring and summer giving MBA Hoops the star power they're use to having on the court and making them a must see for fans and coaches alike.
Kegler won't have to do it all by himself, joining him in the starting line-up will be 6'0" 2015 6'0" PG Marcus Watson, a strongly built, quick ball-handler whose job will be to run the show and get the ball to the rest of the studs; 6'7" 2015 WF Malcolm Evans, a long skilled wing who should garner a lot of interest as the season goes on; 6'9" 2014 Post Oliver Black, who is already drawing interest from Ole Miss, and 6'8" 2014 PF Levi Strong, an up and coming talent from South Mississippi. 6'8" 2014 PF Malik Hines, will not be available to the team during the spring action due to an injury but he expects to be back full force for the July action.
Carter will have plenty of options when he goes to the bench as he has a deep roster of solid talents to support his starters. Bench strength will come from 6'1" 2014 WG Shannon Bailey; 5'11" 2014 PG William Brisby Brown; 6'1" 2014 WG Chase Carroll; 6'3" 2014 WG Josh Washington and 6'5" 2014 Post Darchie Stewart. Carter expects to add 6'11" 2016 post Obre Lakeeke, a talented youngster from the Sudan shortly.
MBA Hoops Elite will be taking part in all of the Adidas Grassroots events; the VIP Exclusive run in Dallas April 19-21, The Adidas Invitational in Insianapolis July 10-14 and The Adidas Super 64in Las Vegas July 24-28 as well at other event thru out the Spring and Summer.