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Big River Classic Preview

The Third Annual Big River Classic is set to be played April 10-12 in Jackson, MS at the Mississippi Basketball and Athletics complex in north Jackson, and tournament organizer Mark Rowe has put together quite a field for this year's event.
MBA Hoops Elite, of the tournament host MBA Hoops organization, heads up this year's field and they will be challenged by an impressive group of teams which will include: Team Texas, The Dallas Mustangs, The Memphis Magic, Wisconsin Gators Elite, Dallas Fort-Worth Elite, Jackson Panthers and MBA Hoops. Rowe promises some interesting games as he plans to match up many of the top teams against each other in pool play and he promises some outstanding individual match-ups as well.
Top players expected to be in attendance include:
Laqiunton Ross - 6-foot-8 WF 2011 MBA Hoops Elite
Joe Jackson - 6-foot-0 PG 2010 Memphis Magic
Phil Pressley - 5-foot-9 PG 2010 Team Texas
Vander Blue - 6-foot-3 WG 2010 Wisconsin Gators Elite
Cameron Clark - -6-foot-5 WF 2010 Team Texas
Tarik Black - 6-foot-5 PF 2010 Memphis Magic
Dundrecus Nelson - 5-foot-11 PG 2010 Jackson Panthers
Marquis "Deville" Smith - 6-foot-0 PG 2011 MBA Hoops Elite
T. J. Taylor - 6-foot-3 WG 2010 Team Texas
Labryan Nash - 6-foot-7 WF 2011 Dallas Mustangs
Mardracus Wade - 6-foot-3 PG 2010 Memphis Magic
Demarcus Cox - 6-foot-8 C 2010 MBA Hoops Elite
Ladon Carter - 6-foot-8 PF 2010 Jackson Panthers
Titus Rubbles - 6-foot-8 PF 2010 Dallas Mustangs
Rodney Hood - 6-foot-7 WG 2011 MBA Hoops Elite
Jeverik Nelson - 6-foot-7 PF 2010 Jackson Panthers
Calvin Godfrey - 6-foot-8 PF 2010 Wisconsin Gators Elite
Oliver Wells - 6-foot-2 WG 2010 Dallas-Fort Worth Elite
Desmond Haymond - 6-foot-3 WG 2010 Jackson Panthers
Tre Creamer - 6-foot-3 WG 2010 Wisconsin Gators Elite
Keith Davis - 6-foot-8 PF 2010 Dallas-Fort Worth Elite
Tymon Howard - 6-foot-6 WF 2012 MBA Hoops
Rodney Peters 6'0" PG 2013 MBA Hoops
Yvan Ngirabakanzi 6'8" WF 2011 MBA Hoops Elite
Action begins Friday evening and concludes on Sunday evening and will feature competition in the 15 & under, 16 & under and 17 & under age groups. Check back Monday for a review of the tournament results and a look at the top individual performers of the weekend.